You Are What You Watch

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Will you only watch a movie if it has a happy ending? Is the car chase your favorite scene of the whole film? Perhaps your all-time favorite film takes place in a world outside of our own… We all have our favorite genres, which, in some way help to define who we are.

I did some research to gain insight on different movie genres and what they say about us. Here are the compiled results from a ProProfs quiz titled, “What movie genre best suits you?”

“When you watch a movie, your main goal is to brighten your mood through humor. More times than not, you like to watch movies with your friends, and can be satisfied with predictable, understandable ending to the films you watch. In addition, you probably have a sense of humor yourself and like to draw inspiration from these types of movies. You like to be proactive in whatever you do.”

“You are a mix between a goof ball and a serious dude. You have a very good sense of humor, but know when to turn it off when the time is right. You can be serious when necessary. You are an agreeable person, and people can get along with you.”

“You are always falling in “love” with someone or another. People would call you a flirt, or say you were rather promiscuous. You love the opposite gender and think they’re just fabulous. You get along well with them.”

“Your favorite films typically involve a main hero and main villain and are crammed with special effects and suspense. As opposed to thrillers, your main goal is not to be frightened but rather to enjoy the ride, explosions and all. Chances are you have an outgoing side but watch just as many movies alone as with friends.”

Family Movie
“You are family oriented. You think life should be played kind of safe, and you love spending time with your family. To you, life does not mean anything if you do not have a strong family. You are sweet and kind and caring. Everyone thinks you are nice.”

“Fans of this genre typically want well-developed characters and plots in order to absorb themselves into the movie experience. Thus you are a more serious person that enjoys a good story, not necessarily state-of-the-art effects or revolutionary filming techniques. You sometimes watch films with others, but have a tendency to view them by yourself because in your opinion, movies don’t have to be part of a social experience.”

“The films you’re mainly caught watching are any films which give you a good shiver up your spine. Unlike horror films, which thrive on violence, your films are less about the monster leaping out of the shadows than they are about an underlying ambience of uneasiness and unreliability with your characters. You may be an extrovert and enjoy a good scare with friends, or you could just as easily be an introvert who is engrossing by the numerous layers and nuances of the movie. Either way, you can’t deny that creepy movies are here to stay in your collection.”

“You’ve likely stopped wasting your time with characters and plot in your movies by now. You’re more concerned with realism and exploring the wonders of the world around you. You’re probably an exceptional student who loves to read and discover new information. Even though some people might consider you to not be that lively, your curiosity and intelligence shows that you could be a successful filmmaker yourself someday.”

As a result from these responses, I learned that there is much more insight that can be learned when looking at more than just several genres. An article from The Equinox explains that films portray more than just a sense of humor—from romance, to horror, to adventure and even drama; films are designed to represent every relatable aspect of life.

The movies you find most appealing can do more than entertain you – a concept asserted by authors Ezra Werb and Risa Williams in their book “Cinescopes: What Your Favorite Movies Say About You.”

In a CBS News Article, Werb and Williams are quoted saying that “there’s a psychological link between our personalities and the movies that appeal to us. It’s a very personal thing, and we connect with the heroes and themes in the movies we’re drawn to.” Using psychology, cinematic analysis, and astrology, they came up with 16 movie-based personality profiles.

For many of us, film is an easy way to communicate our mood, thoughts and even our perspectives. As a result, your choice in movies can help you convey the various dynamics of your personality, whether you are aware of it or not. Even though we watch films quietly in the dark, it is usually a very social experience. We go to the movies together, we all about the films as we leave the theater, we discuss and compare favorite movies later. When meeting someone new online perhaps or writing an Internet dating profile, many list their favorite films in order to express something important about who they are…something that isn’t necessarily easily said in word. If a still photograph is worth one thousand words, is a film worth one million?


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